Maltby Genealogy

John MALTBY , Emigrant

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I.1. John Maltby, b. 1640 England () Whereas the male line of John Maltby failed early, he is of too much importance to be omitted from any history of the Maltby family.

There is a puzzling Malby record of a very early date in "Cavalier's and Pioneers" by N. M. Nugent. viz:

"There was a Jno. Malby, 1643, at Hempstead, Long Island, with Col. Jno. Carter, 1 Aug. 1643, in the "Virginia Merchant" p. 536). (I found a note stating, "Catch" Virginia Merchant, is cast away, 1665.")

The 1643 record could not apply to our emigrant John Maltby who was "under 21" in 1647/8, when his father John made his Will; and from the sale of property in England, the indications are that John, brother of William Maltby, was born 1640. This record could, however, apply to his father John Maltby, Alderman and Grocer (Merchant) of East Retford, Notts, as he did not die until just after December, 1647/8. It might be that he had business dealings in New England and that it was this which de- cided his sons to emigrate when full grown. Eaton's Neck, Long Island, (where John Maltby mentions having a house) is some 30 miles slightly N.E. of Hempstead; it is true that John's descendants married mainly with Long Island families.

By 1665, we have another record of Col. Jno. Carter, and in this instance the "John Malby" mentioned, I take to be the emigrant John, son of John of East Retford, Notts.

Before 1665, we have the Derby, Conn. record of John Mallbies wit- nessing a deed dated "6 Jan. 1664," and also the Agreement, New Haven, dated "27 June 1664," with John Goring, but this was not recorded at New Haven until the "26 Dec. 1666," hence John could have been, and the indications are that he was elsewhere, and probably in Virginia, for his name is on the 1665 petition of Col. Jno. Carter in conjunction with that of Isaack Allerton, who died at New Haven.

     (N. M. Nugent's "Cavaliers and Pioneers," Vol. I, p.536, Patent Book No. 5) 

This reference has the following:---
"Col. Jno. Carter, Esqr., counsellor of State, 4,000 acres, being a neck of land on the North side of Rappa river; bounded on Wwd. (West- moreland Co.) side with Cassattawerman Creek, which runneth to E.N.E. toward the head of Wicconies River, etc.
Grant to Capt. Samuel Mathews, 1 Aug. 1643, by his deserted, upon petition of said Carter grant to him, by order of the General Court, bear- ing date with those presents, 12 Oct. 1665, and further due for trans- porting 80 persons: John Carter,"--(and so forth to the 15th name)"Jno. Malby--William and Ralph Scotts, Issak Allerton, etc."

Westmoreland Co. is in Virginia, and we have the 1664 Agreement be- tween John Maltby and John Goring who was to sell his rum in Virginia, as we saw above.

     On some Branford, Conn. records the name is recorded Malby. 
     Isaac Allerton of the "Mayflower" died in New Haven, Connecticut. 
"The County Court Note Book, Vol. V No. 4, p.26, under Southern records gives "1655. Michael Taintor, of Branford, in New England, Mar- iner, Power to Mr. Isaac Allerton of New Haven, Merchant, Westmoreland, Virginia, 15 Oct. 1655".(C.1 - 103)"
(County Court Note Book, Vol. VII, p.23) "Virginia Colonists". "1662. Isaack Allerton. Westmoreland City, Virginia. Head Rights. Anthony