Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

in Litchfield, Conn. Moved to Wells, Vermont, later to Harmony, Chautauqua Co., N.Y. He was Sargent, fourth Co., 1st Conn. Regt., discharge in Northern Department, Nov. 10, 1775.

"His wife, Esther Tuttle was b. Feb. 17, 1747, and dau. of Eliphalet and Desire (Bradley) Tuttle. They lived in Goshen, Litch- field, Conn., and Wells, and Rutland, Vermont. In 1762 Nathaniel Lewis served in the French and Indian War under Capt. Archibald McNeil. In the Rev. War he was Serjeant in Capt. David Welch of Litchfield Company, and in 1781, served in Capt. Abel Merriman's Company, Col. Thomas Lee's Regt. of Vermont militia. Seven child- ren born in Litchfield, but births of all ten are in the records of Wells, Vermont."

V.201.  Elizabeth Lewis, b. Nov. 20, 1767.  Litchifield, Conn. 
V.202.  Nathaniel   "    b. May 27, 1769        "         " 
                         m. Feb. 11, 1790, Sarah Harnil Cole, at 
                         Wells, Vt. 
V.203.  John        "    b. Oct. 3, 1770, Cornwall, Conn; m. May 7, 
                         1797, Rhoda Hall at Wells, Vt. 
V.204.  Enos        "    b. May 16, 1772, Goshen, Conn; m. Apr. 13, 
                         1799, Eunice Button, at Wells, Vt. 
V.205.  Esther      "    b. May 31, 1774, Goshen, Conn; m. Aug. 18, 
                         1791, Anthony Cole. 
V.206.  Jehiel      "    b. Aug. 20, 1776, Goshen, Conn; moved to 
                         Cook Co., Illinois. 
V.206A. Molly       "    b. Jan. 9, 1779; m. Daniel Summer, Res. 
                         Harmony, N.Y. 
V.206B. Reuben      "    b. Jan. 18, 1782. 
V.206C. Amos        "    b. April 7, 1785, Wells, Vt. 
V.206D. Miles       "    b. Jan. 10, 1787    "     " 

IV.60. Mary Lewis, b. Dec. 19, 1742 (Mary 3, John 2, Wm.1). Mar. Jan. 13, 1763, Jacob Smith, Jr. of Litchfield, Conn., son of Jacob and Elizabeth ---- Smith. He was b. about 1738 in Northfield, Conn.

He was called "Lieut." A grand-daughter, Mrs. Maria H. Warner, wrote: "I remember at a Fourth of July picnic in Northfield there were a number of guns set up, said to be Revolutionary guns. One Uncle David bought, and said it was his father's."

Jacob Smith, Jr. was in Capt. Solomon Buels' company of Litch- field, on ye alarm for relief of Fort William Henry, August, 1757; for 17 days in Capt. Archibald McNeil's Tenth Company of New Haven, Fourth Regiment, 1758 from March 30th to Nov. 12th, also same off- icers company, Third Regt., 1799, from April 9th, to Dec. 1st. He was in Capt. Asel Fitch company (Lebanon) second Regt. Conn. Troops, 1760, from March 30th to Nov. 6th.

In the Adjutant General's report of names of men serving in the Revolutionary War, he is called sergeant Jacob Smith. He is on record as sergeant in the company of Capt. Amos Barnes (of Litch- field) and in the Regt. of Col. Hooker. This company belonged to the militia, but was sent for special service on the North River. He was mustered in April 12, 1777 and out, May 10th of the same year. (Ref. Conn. Militia in Rev., p. 502).