Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

His name also appears in the Lexington alarm list for four and one half days (Conn. Men in the Rev. War, p. 15) and among officers and soldiers of an independent company in Lebanon in the Twelfth Regt. (p.624). He also was grand juror in 1796. He d. April 14, 1807 and his wife, Mary, died Dec. 30, 1823.

Their tombstones and still in good condition in the Northfield Cemetery, and read as follows:

                         Memory of 
                      Mr. Jacob Smith 
                    who died April 14, 
                      1807 A.E. 69 

"O Thou great arbitor of life and death. Thy call I follow to the land unknown. I trust in Thee and know in whom I trust"

                         Memory of 
                      Mrs. Mary Smith 
                         Relict of 
                   Jacob Smith, who died 
                       Dec. 30, 1823 
                          A.E. 81. 
                   "Be ye also ready" 

(Ref: Smith Gen. pp. 7, 8, 9, by Harriet Southworth (Lewis) Barnes).

V.207.  Jacob Smith, b. Oct. 3, 1768; m. Abigail Marsh 
V.208.  Joseph  "             (Did not marry) 
V.209.  Reuben  "    b. Apr. 19, 1770; m. Elizabeth Morse 
V.210.  James   "    b. Feb. 25, 1772 (Litchfield Rec.)  Untraced 
V.211.  Lemuel  "    b. July 18, 1774; m. Nancy Jones, 1797 
V.212.  David                          m. Anna Bartholomew 
V.213.  Levi (Lewis)                   m. Polly Finer 
V.214.  Elizabeth                      m. Charles Blakesley 
V.215.  Mary         b. Nov. 30, 1766; m. (1) Mr. Goodwin 
                                       m. (2) Mr. Blanchard 

Jacob Smith, Senior, was a son of Nathaniel and Ann (Hoskins) Smith, he a son of Nathaniel, Sr., and wife, Experience ----, and he a son of James Smith, of Weymouth, Mass., 1639 and wife Joanna.

IV.62. Ozias Lewis, b. Oct. 6, 1749/50 at Guilford, Conn. (Mary 3, John 2, Wm.1). Mar. Jan. 7, 1773, Lucy, dau. of Daniel and Abigail Bigelow. She was b. Nov. 8, 1702 at Hartford. He was a grand Juror, in 1773 and a signer of the pledge of the first temperance society in the United States in 1789.

He d. Mar. 8, 1812 and his widow d. April 19, 1840. Their gravestones are standing and read:

           "Sacred to the memory of Ozias Lewis 
            Who died March 8, 1812, aged 62. 
     "Who loved thee living and laments thee dead 
     "Paye this last tribute to they gentle shade. 
                  "Lucy, relict of Ozias Lewis, b. Nov. 18, 1752. 
                   died April 19, 1840.  Easter morning."