Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Children of John and Susanna Maltby: 
V.233.  Elizabeth Maltby, b. ---- 
V.234.  William      " 
V.235.  John Davenport " 
V.236.  Margaret       "

I found the bapt. of a "Susannah Maltbie, dau. of John and Martha (Lightbourne) Darrell, Feb. 5, 1775.

Susanna Hutchins who mar. in 1754, Rev. John Maltby is called "dau. of Capt. John Darrell." Evidently she was the widow of Hutchins, but born, Darrell. Susanna Maltbie Darrell, may have been named for John's (who mar. Martha Lightbourne) aunt Susanna (Darrell) Hutchings-Maltby.

I also found--"Darrell of Bermuda, had a dau. Joy, who mar. Gilbert Livingston, who died 1789."

The fact that Rev. John Maltby moved away from home, like several others, caused his descendants to be unknown. The old people to whom I talked or wrote when I was a young girl, believed Rev. John left no descendants and were generally of the opinion that he was unmarried.

Only when I began making inquiries in Bermuda, did I dascover he not only married, but had at least four children. From there my next research led to South Carolina, and this gave some results.

Note. Miss Mabel L. Webber, Librarian of the South Carolina Hist. Soc., kindly sent the following: "Children of Rev. John Maltby.

"Elizabeth and William Maltby."

Elizabeth's marriage was at Charlestown, S. Carolina, 1809 William may be he, South Carolina, Rev. War. 1775. William Maltby." (As Rev. John married in 1754, this would make above William only about 18 in 1775).

John Davenport Maltby was of Bermuda in 1787, hence cannot be the John who died at Wilton, S. Carolina in Nov. 1771, nor could he be Rev. John who died Sept. 30, 1771.

Margaret married at Bermuda.

IV.72. William Maltby, bp. 20 June 1731, New Haven (Wm.3, Wm.2, Wm.1). The following evidently refers to this William Maltby.

"A Muster Roll of the Men raised and passed Muster in the County of Suffolk, 1759. Gilbert Potter, Capt., Jesse Platt, Joseph Brewster, Lieuts.

"William Maltby, April 19. Age 28. Seabrook (Saybrook) Conn.

Capt. Stron's Company Militia." (Conn. Hist. Soc. Vol. 9, p. 193)

"Maltby, William.

Campaign. 1757

Col. Lyman's Regt.

13th Co. Capt. Preston

Time of enlisting, March 26.

Time of return, Nov. 9."

(French and Indian War Rolls, 1755-1757)

Note: "The General Assembly in Feb. 1751 resolved to raise 1400 men for the next campaign, to be formed into one Regiment of