Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

14 companies to act in conjunction with the regular troops under command of Earl of London.

In October the Assembly ordered the enlisting of three companys of 94 men each, officers included, out of the troops already in service to remain in service throughout the winter. An alarm in August at the time of the capture of Fort William Henry called out many of the Militia."

The following may pertain to William (4) son of William (3), or it might refer to William (4) son of John (3). (County Rec. of New Haven. Vol. IV, 1739-1755, p. 722)

"William Maltby of Wallingford, plaintiff, against Andrew Galloway. Jan. 1755."

The Military record, "William Maltby, 1759 aged 28" checks with William bp. 1731, and does not correspond to the age of William (4), (John 3, John 2), b. 1727.

The 1755 record, Wallingford, of William Maltby, plaintiff, apparently does refer to William (4), (John 3, John 2, Wm.1). (See No. IV.47).

IV.79. Elizabeth Maltby, bapt. July 25, 1736, at Branford (Joseph 3, Daniel 2, Wm.1).

Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote of Capt. Joseph Maltby:

"One of his daughters mar. a Ritter. She was first mar. to a Mr. Matson, of Vershire, Vermont, and 2nd to Mr. David Ritter of New Haven, father of David Ritter, both of them wrought monuments for the dead, and grandfather to John who still continues the same."

IV.80. Joseph Maltby, bapt. May 21, 1738, at Branford (Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). The name of his wife is not known. Possibly she was a Chandler as they name a son Chandler.

We quote from "Goshen Statistics" by Lewis M. Norton, Vol. I, p. 548-9."

"Maltbie Family"

"Several persons of this name have formerly lived in this town, although now but little is known of them. The probability is that they were all originallly from Branford.

"Joseph Maltbie. The first purchase made by this man in Goshen, was from Jeremiah Howe, Junr., May 18, 1761, on the South part of School Hill, on the east side of the road. He was then spoken of as belonging to Goshen.

On the 15th of April, 1762, he bought a piece from Jeremiah Howe, Senior, opposite, on the West side of the School Hill road.

He was a Joiner, by trade. Finished off the Meeting House in Goshen in 1769; was called "a good workman."

From the above we learn Joseph was in Goshen from 1761 to 1769, or from the time he was 23 until he was 31 years old.

Mr. F. A. Molby, of Baldwin, Kansas, has recently obtained through Mrs. H. E. Stockwell of Pittsfield, Mass., the following record: (Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds)


(Book 11 Page 211) Stephen Crittenden of Lenox to

Joseph Maltby of Lenox.