Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"Book 37. Page 461.

"William Maltby of Lenox to James Richardson of Lenox.

Location: Lenox. 
    Nature. 4 A.  (acres) 
    Consideration.  # 50 
    Executed 2 July 1779. 
        "Signed Wm. Maltbey" in presence of Aaron Adams and Huldah Crittenden.  State of Vermont, Orange Co., Nov. 8, 1784--appeared Wm. Maltbey, signer and sealer and a     instrument before Joshua Tucker, J. of P. Reed. and Recorded Oct. 16, 1798." 
    (Note. I find an item: "Lenox.  First realty transfer to Wm. Maltby,  3 - 29 - 1782.")  Wm. Goodrich of Stockbridge, Mass. to 
                                        Mr. Maltby of Lenox, Mass. 
Mr. Molby also sent:                    three rights of land in 
    "Book 16 - Page 291."               Vershire Twp., Orange Co., 
        "William Maltbie of Lenox to     Vermont. 3-29-1782. 
           Moses Nash of Stockbridge. 

Location. Lenox

    Nature  90 A  (acres) 
    Consideration # 500 
    Executed 24 June 1782. 
    Acknowledged 24 June 1782. 
    Recorded.  April 7, 1784 
        "Farm on which William now lives with dwelling house." 
    (Jonathan Maltbie mentioned as one of the abutters.) 
            Signed.  William Maltbie 
            Wit.     William Goodrich. 
                     Ashbel Strong." 

Note. In the 1779 Record, a witness was "Huldah Crittenden" while we find, deed dated 1776, William's brother, Joseph of Lenox, pur- chased from "Stephen Crittenden of Lenox."

The 1st Census of the United States, 1790, records: "Heads of Families. Vershire town--Orange Co., Vermont."

    "William Maltbie        eleven in family. 
     one male over 16 
     five males under 16 
     five females 

    Stephen Lee Maltby, of Elba, N.Y.  Letter dated "July 18, 1849" wrote: "Father had sixteen children, eleven married, the rest died previous to marriage." 

The Index to Hemmingway's Vermont Hist. Gazette, gives:

    "William Maltby 11, 1133(2) 
    "William Maltbie 11, 1132(2)  " 

    In the old graveyard at Vershire, Vt., stands a tombstone of William Maltby's Family.  It is in two pieces and the first in- scription is illegible, all that can be read is: 
    "In memory of widow Elizabeth       died 1797 (or 8) in 
               the 43rd (?) year of her age.  (looks like 83rd) 
        died Dec. 21."