Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

I do hereby constitute and appoint my beloved wife Huldah to be my sole executor to this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly Revoke, Disavow and make Void all other Wills and Testaments heretofore made by me, Declaring, Ratifying and confirming this and this only to be my Last Will and Testament, in witness whereof I have hereby set my hand and seal this 29th day of November, 1785. (signed) Noah Maltby.

Signed, Sealed, Published, Declared and Pronounced in the presence of us: Elisha Attwood

Mary Cramer

Henry Skilton."

(Vol. IX, p. 25)

"At a Court of Probate held at Woodbury, 1 March. 1792. person- ally appeared Noah Maltby, son of Noah Maltby, late of Woodbury, deceased.---a minor about seventeen years old and made choice of his mother, Huldah Maltby, to be his guardian, which is allowed, suffic- ient bond being given. Daniel Sherman, Jr. Clerk." (Vol.30, p. 209)

"17 Feb. 1797"

"Huldah Maltbie, Adin Maltbie and Noah Maltbie, all of Woodbury-- To Salmon Hawley, of Huntington--all our rights, title and interest in a piece of land in the north part of Woodbury, being the land bought of Asabel Martin, by a Deed dated 18 May 1785/6 to Noah Malt- bie and by a Deed from Jonathan Baker, dated 2 Feb. 1785, contain- ing 52 acres--with the buildings on same. We refer to the said deeds for a particular description of the land. The whole lies undivided among the heirs of Noah Maltbie, dec'd.

The said Huldah owns the use and improvement of the whole dur- ing her natural life and the said Adin owns 2/9 of the whole, at her decease, and the said Noah owns 1/9 of the whole."

(Vol. 30. Page 212) 31 Jan. 1798

"Frederick Maltby of Woodbury, to Salmon Hawley of Woodbury. The 1/9 part of a certain piece of land in the northwest part of Woodbury, for description of which reference may be had to a deed of Asabel Martin, dated 18 May 1785 and one by Jonathan Baker dated 2 Feb. 1785. The said premises are now undivided among the heirs of Noah Maltby. The whole is subject to the use and improvement of Huldah Maltby, widow of said Noah, during her natural life."

The following record seems to pertain to Huldah, daughter of Noah.

"Ebenezer Kasson Knapp and Huldah his wife, of Litchfield, con- vey to Salmon Hawley their right in the land described in the pre- ceeding deeds."

The First Census of the United States, 1790, records:

"Heads of Families."

"Huldah Maltbie of Woodbury.

1 male over 16

3 males under 16

4 females.