Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

and twenty pounds Lawful money to me in bond paid before the sealing and Delivery hereof by Jonathan Maltby of Goshen in the County of Litchfield in the State of Connecticut, Yeoman, the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, have given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain and sell unto him the said Jonathan Maltby his heirs and assigns, one certain piece (?) or parcel of Land lying and being in West-Stockbridge Lenox aforesaid bounded as follows, vis.

Southerly upon the Land of the Rev. Samuell's Munson,

Westerly upon the Land of Timothy Crittenden,

Northerly upon the Land of Eleazer Barrit and

Easterly upon the Land of James Richards, containing thirty acres. Including the Highway through the same.

To have and to hold the said Granted and Bargained, Premises with the Priviledges and appurtenances there unto belonging to him the said Jonathan Maltby his heirs and assigns forever and futhermore I, the said Jonathan Hinsdale, Do for myself, heirs Exers and Adminis- trators Covenant /// to and with the said Jonathan Maltby his heirs and assigns, that I am legally seized of ??? premises as agreed In- defeasable Estate in fee Simple and that I will warrant, secure and Defend the same against the Claims and Demands of all people. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 13th Day of June, A.D. 1781 and in the fifth year of Independence of the United States of America.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered, in presence Jonathan Hinsdale Seal

    of William Maltbe) 
       William Walker)  Berkshire June 15th 1781.  Personally appeared Jonathan Hinsdale signer, Sealer to the within Instrument and acknowledged the same to be his free act Deed. 
                          Before William Walker Just. Peace. January 28th 1782.  Received and Recorded from the Original by Moses Hopkins, Reg." 

(Book 37--p. 473) Abstract. "Jonathan Maltbie of Lenox, Yeoman, to

Jonathan Hinsdale of Lenox, Yeoman

30 Acres in Lenox "with the tenements thereon, being all the land

conveyed to me by deed from said Hinsdale, and no more."

Dated: March 21, 1782. Sarah Walker, Wm. Walker, Witnesses

    Acknowledged March 21, 1782.  Wm. Walker, Jus. Pacis 
    Recorded Dec. 4, 1796, by Samuel Quincy, Regr 
    Consideration, # 220 ls m."  (lawful money) (Book 24.  Page 293)  Recorded April 4, 1787, Moses Hopkins, Regr 
    "Daniel Weller of Pittsfield, Tanner, to 
     Jonathan Maltby of Lenox, yeoman. Location: Pittsfield. Nature  128 Acres Consideration: # 300 Executed: Mar. 23, 1786 Acknowledged March 23, 1786. Eli Root, Justis Peace Recorded April 6, 1787.  Signed Daniel Weller and Seal. Witnesses:   Eli Root, Jr. 
             Wm. Baker." 
    It is worth noting that in 1785, "Jonathan Baker of Woodbury