Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

sold land in Woodbury to Jonathan's brother, (?) Noah Maltby.

(Book 22. Page 448)

"Jonathan Maltby* of Pittsfield to *(called Yeoman)

Isaac Wood, of Lenox.

Location, Pittsfield

Nature 128 Acres

Consideration, # 300

Executed 3 April, 1787

Acknowledged 3 April, 1787

Recorded 4 April 1787. (Moses Hopkins, Regr)

Signed: Jonathan Maltby and Seal.

Witnesses: Lonisa Baker

Wm. Walker."

(Last two Deeds, kindness of Mr. F. A. Molby).

(Rockwell M.S., quoted in First Church of Pittsfield)

"Jonathan Maltby, in a list of inhabitants, listed in Census, 1786."

"Census of 1786. Jonathan Maltby's

     1 house, 2 married person, 1 family. 
     1 male under 5 
     2 males and 1 female, under 10. 
     1 male and 1 female under 50." 

(Lenox, Mass.) (Correction. Not Lenox, but at Vershire, Orange Co.,Vt.)

"First Proprietors meeting at Aug. 28, 1783.

Jonathan Maltby, 1st Clerk."

(Gazetter of Orange Co., Vermont, pub. by Syracuse Journal Co.)

Syracuse, N.Y. June 1888)

"Jonathan Maltby, b. July 10, 1746, came from Hebron, Conn., to Vershire in 1783. He was one of the first settlers in town and located on the place now occupied by Danford Blanchard. He was the first Proprietors Clerk, the first Inn-keeper in Vershire, and owned a large amount of land. He died in 1801, and his widow kept the tavern many years afterwards. They had four sons and four daughters.

Jonathan Maltby, Jr. settled on the farm southeast from his fathers' now owned by his grandson, W. F. Maltby. Josiah, Jesse, removed to Illinois. George W. passed the most of his life here, serving in various town offices, and died at Post Mills. Jonathan, Jr. married Susannah Horsford and reared fourteen children, all of whom attained adult age."

(Vershire Rec.)

"Jonathan Maltby, b. 1746; d. Oct. 3rd, 1801.

Lydia (His wife) Maltby, b. 1746 (or 8); d. Jan. 15, 1829."

(Index to Hemmingway's Vermont Hist. Gazette) gives:

"Maltbie, Jonathan, of Vershire, II. 1132(2), 1133(2), 1184."

Lydia Bartholomew was dau. of Josiah and Lydia (Harrington) Barthol- omew, son of Isaac (3) Bartholomew, William (2), William (1).