Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

all my right of Dower in a certain piece of land which was set by Distribution to my son, Zacheus Maltbie, 20 April. 1794."

Daniel Maltby's mother-in-law, Pheobe Munson, was connected with Lee, Mass. Two of her sons by her second marriage settled at Lee, and a dau. by this marriage, mar. a Mr. Bradley of Lee. Two grand-daughters by her first mar. had husbands of Lee, named Bradley.

(Norfolk Probate Records) "March 27, 1827. Daniel Eno of Colebrook wishes appointment of Guardian for Esther, Samuel, Erastus, Eunice, Emiline, Daniel Mills, Laura Aurella Eno. They have property which came to them from their Great Uncle and Great Aunt. Their property was very large. Samuel Eno appointed guardian."

Moses Munson, father of Margaret, was son of Caleb and Eliza- beth Herman, he son of Ensign Samuel and Martha Bradley, dau. of William Bradley and Alice Pritchard. Samuel was son of Capt. Thomas Munson.

Moses Merriman was son of Caleb and Mary Preston Merriman, son of Nathaniel Merriman, b. in Kent Co. England, 1613, and wife Joan.

    Children of Daniel Maltby and Margaret Munson. 
V.287.  Anne Maltby, b. Aug. 13, 1765, at Goshen. V.288.  Jehiel Merriman Maltby, b. Sept. 20, 1767, at Goshen. 
V.289.  Daniel Munson     "     b. Aug. 28, 1770, Norfolk. 
V.290.  Sally             "     b. July 14, 1772,    "  (Untraced) 
V.291.  Zacheus           "     b. Aug. 19, 1774, bpt. Sept. 18, 1774, 
                                at Norfolk, Conn. 
V.292.  Hannah            "     bp. Nov. 3, 1776; d. Oct. 4, 1777 
                                "aged 1 year"  (Tombstone) 

IV.88. Mary Maltby, b. June 5, 1744, (Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). She is mentioned in the will of her father as "Mary, wife of Samuel Brown of Goshen." (Town Rec. Goshen) "Feb. 16, 1765. Samuel Brown and Mary Maltby."

Mr. Nelson D. Adams of Wahington, D.C., well known profession- al genealogist, wrote:

"Mollie Maltby lived in the Northern part of Litchfield County (probably Caanan or Norfolk) and had several children." (She was his great-grandmother).

A letter from Daniel (5) Maltby of Saybrook, Ohio, dated "April 8, 1880" to Nelson G. Adams' father, states: "Aunt Molly as I re- member her was not a tall woman, quite fleshy; had a bright, pleas- ant countenance, a full round face and was active and healthy.

The last time I saw her she lived with her second husband--Judd, in Pompey, New York.

Uncle Brown was an original character and his sayings were often quoted.

Aunt Mollie was my father's sister and their mother's name was Harrison before marriage.

My grandfather Daniel "Maltbie" married a Harrison. I do not know her name, although I remember her distinctly. She died at my Father's about the year 1797."