Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Abigail Maltbee, a deceased sister." The names of the Maltbee heirs are given in this record as: "Simeon--Benjamin--Jacob--Elon-- Harrison--Ammi--Daniel--Jesse."

"Reuben Munger was one of the largest land holders of Middle- bury, Vermont, in his time. He had no children." (Foregoing from Jeremiah B. Munger, 709 Worthington Street, Springfield, Mass.)

Abigail Munger was b. Aug. 26, 1750.

(Hist. of Norfolk, Conn.)

"Benjamin and Abigail Maltbie had eleven children, most of whom went West. His son Elon spent most of his life on this place" (see above) "and died there."

Daniel (5) son of Benjamin, wrote in 1880, to Mr. Nelson G. Adams, of Washington, D.C. "I had seven brothers and four sisters, Simeon, Benjamin, Abigail, Jacob, Ami, Hannah, Elon, Louis, Harrison, Julia, myself, and Jesse."

"Brother Jesse lives in Oberlin, Ohio. We two are the only members of my father's family that have not already gone before. The brothers have all lived to a good old age; the sisters all died young, three of them leaving small children. I was 87 years old day before yesterday." (April 6, 1880)

Note. Daniel mentions a child "Louis"--he is probably correct, but evidently he lived but a short time as I have no other reference to him.

According to the will of his father, Benjamin Maltby was in Branford in 1776. In 1781 he moved to Norfolk, Conn.

He bought land at Norfolk, June 12, 1781.

(Branford Church Record)

"Benjamin Maltbie discharged Mar. 14, 1783 to Norfolk."

"Abigail Maltbie discharged Mar. 14, 1783, from Branford."

(Norfolk Church Rec. Vol. III) "Communicants"

"Benjamin Maltbie, Nov. 1784, removed to Vermont.

"Abigail Maltbie, Nov. 1784, " " "

(First Census United States, 1790)

"Benjamin Malbey. Litchfield, Litchfield

        2 males over 16
        4 males under 16
        5 females."

(Old North West Quarterly, Vol. II, No. 4, Oct. 1906)

"Benjamin Maltby served as a private in the Revolutionary War.

He was in two different regiments. He was in the battle of Long Island and at Saratoga."

(The New York Observer)

"Died--At the residence of his son Deacon Daniel Maltby in Southington," (Trumbull Co.) "Ohio, Jan. 1, 1847, Deacon Benjamin Maltby in the 97th year of his age."

"he was the second son of Deacon Daniel Maltby who was born in Northford, New Haven County, Conn., May 12, 1715.