Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Assisted in the reduction of St. John's in October. Stationed at Montreal (Canada). Adopted as Continental 6th Company, 1st. Regt.

Capt. William Douglas, of Northford." (Enlistment Roll is missing).

"Discharge Roll. Zacheus Maltbie discharged in Northern Depart- ment. Nov. 28, 1775."

(Coll. Conn. Hist. Soc., Vol. VIII. Revolutionary Rolls & Lists) "Maltbie,--Zacheus. Continental Regiment, 1775. 1st Regiment,--Col. Wooster."

    Children of Zacheus Maltby and Jerusha Rose.
V.307.  Jerusha Maltby, bapt. Dec. 7, 1783, Norfolk
V.308.  Lucretia   "      "    "   "    "      "
V.309.  Molly Rose "      "    "   "    "      "
V.310.  Zacheus    "      "  Aug. 29, 1785; d. Dec. 1785, Norfolk
V.311. (Sabra      "    bp. May 2, 1787, Norfolk
V.312.  Patience   "    bp. Aug. 6, 1791, Norfolk
                        probably died same month.
V.313.  Zacheus    "    bp. May 25, 1793, Norfolk
V.314.  Samuel     "    bp. Aug. 16, 1797, Norfolk
V.315.  Jonathan   "    bp. April 12, 1801, Norfolk
V.316.  Sarah Matilda Maltby, bp. Aug. 9, 1807 (Untraced) Norfolk
    Note.  A child of Zacheus and Jerusha died "Aug. 1791."

Possibly this was Patience.

(Hist. Erie Co., N.Y. Vol. I) "East Evans (Jerusaleen) was settled in 1815 by Zacheus Maltby and his son Jonathan."

    A pencil note of Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby, states:
        "Zacheus mar. a Rose."

(New Haven Rec., Vol. 8, p. 296. Sept. 1777)

"Zacheus Maltbie of Branford drafted to compleat the army and refused to enlist, brought before the Court and judged not quilty, but paid fine of #1-17-5."

IV.94. Thankful Maltby, b. Feb. 5, 1758 (Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). (History of Goshen, Conn.) "Mar. June 20, 1775, Isaac Bartholomew." (Another authority gives the date as "July 20, 1775.") He was b. in Branford, Conn., in 1754, son of Josiah Bartholomew and Lydia Har- rington. He was a Soldier in the Rev. War. He was a farmer, first at Goshen, Conn.; after 1801 was in Tompkins Co., New York. In 1818 removed to Evans, Erie Co., N.Y. where he remained." (Ref. Bartholo- mew Gen., p. 109) "He was at Evans in 1840."

V.317. *Phebe Bartholomew, b. in Conn. in 1778.
V.318.  Jehiel     "       b. April 8, 1780.
V.319.  Sabra      "       b. in Conn. in 1784.
V.320.  Isaac      "       b. April 14, 1794.

IV.95. Lydia Maltby, bp. Oct. 12 (Or Dec. 8?) 1760. (Dan.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). A letter from Esther T. Maltbie, Saybrook, Ohio, dated Mar. 13, 1868, "one of Daniel's daughters mar. a Mr. Lutengen." Esther T. Maltbie gives her bapt. as "Dec. 18, 1760."

*Another authority states: "Isaac Bartholomew was son of Josiah and his 2nd wife Phebe (Munson) Maltby, (brother of Thankful Maltbie").