Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Vol. 32, p. 242)

"1 March, 1793. Noah Dewey of Westfield for # 35 conveys one fourth of said Mill"---to Benjamin Maltby.

(Vol. 31, p. 222)

31 Oct. 1792. "Calvin Austin of Suffield, Hartford County, Conn., quit claims his interest in said mill, it having been leased to him by James Bishop on 24 Aug. 1792." (p. 293) "Benjamin Maltby, Jr. of Branford, # 230 to Capt. Josiah Fowler of Branford, the one half of a certain Grist Mill. 23 May. 1793"

"23 Sept. 1793. To Mr. Jonathan Fowler of Guilford, 1/4 part of said Grist Mill."

"Same date. To Capt. Josiah Fowler of Branford, 1/4 part, etc." (Northford Church Rec.)

"Died. 1823. May 10. Deacon Benjamin Maltby, Lung fever, aged 68."

The following records appear to be of Benjamin (4), son of Benjamin (3).

"1786. Dec. 1.  Benjamin Mallbie, Jun. a Selectman.
 1787. Dec. 3.  Benjamin Mallbie, Jun. a Selectman.
 1787. Dec. 3.  Benjamin Mallbie, Jun. one of tything men.
 1788. Dec. 1.  Benjamin Mallbie, Jun. one of Selectman.
 1788. Dec. 1.  Benjamin Mallbie, Jun. fence viewer."

    Children of Benjamin Maltby and Rebeca Taintor.
V.321.  Thaddeus Maltby, b. Jan. 15, 1779.
V.322.  Benjamin   "     b. Nov. 11, 1780.
V.323.  DeGrasse   "     b. Sept. 14, 1782.
V.324.  Elizabeth  "     b. June 20, 1784.
V.325.  Rebecca    "     b. April 19, 1786; d. May ---, 1786.
V.326.  Juluis     "     b. Jan. 5, 1788.
V.327.  Samuel     "     b. Jan. 27, 1790.
V.328.  Ellbridge  "     b. Jan. 23, 1792.
V.329.  Erastus    "     b. Dec. 2, 1796.
V.330.  Eliza Rebecca "  b. Apr. 13, 1800.

IV.99. Thaddeus Maltby, b. Dec. 19, 1756/7; bapt. Jan. 16, 1757, at Northford, (Benj. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby, his younger brother, wrote of him: "He was brought home sick from the Northern Army and died Dec. 1776."

"There is a Chapter in the Society of the "Children of the Amer- ican Revolution" named for the above, called "The Thaddeus Maltby Society." It was organized in St. Paul, Minnesota, March, 1896, by Mrs. Frederick Emory Foster, (Martha Maltby Love, descended from General Isaac Maltby, a younger brother of Thaddeus), President, with thirty charter members and was the first society of this Order es- tablished in the Northwest.

"Mrs. Foster responded to a call of the D.A.R., State Regent, and gave a brief sketch of Thaddeus Maltby, the young Revolutionary hero who gave his life for his country and in who's honor the Society had been named, as follows:---

"He enlisted at the breaking out of the War of the Revolution, being then eighteen years of age. For gallant conduct he was soon made Corporal of his Company. He lived to see some victories, but,