Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Haven. While in town they burn buildings, destroy house furniture, merchants' goods and groceries and do all the damage that they could well do. The distress they made I will not attempt to describe.

On Tuesday I was one of a reconortring party on East Haven heights, where balls were whistling constantly but 'no music for me." A cannon ball took off all upper part of a Mr. Pardee's head and several were wounded. We have the pleasure to witness this 16th Aug. that the wound of the Hon. Elizur Goodrich was not mortal, with heart felt joy we behold him one of the happy alumni!

If "Long Life" is a Blessing, my Ancestors, Parents and con- temporaties have been favored.

Martha, my Father's Aunt was twice married, Mr. Stent of Bran- ford, and Deacon Peck of Wallingford, at his fruneral the bell told 100, as I heard in my boyhood. My great Aunt lacked a month or two of 100 years. The Great Master called my honrd Father in his 80th year. My dear Mother in her 93rd, and recently my Sister Sarah Linly at the close of her 85th.

Mrs. M's mother was in her 86th (See Obit.) "Died in this city, on Monday morning the 9th (?) ult, at the residence of her son-in- law, Mr. Jonathan Maltby, Mrs. Submit Taintor, relict of Mr. Nathan- eil Taintor, of Northford, in the 86th year of her age. In several of her last years, interlect seemed utterly to fail--she was as one dead among the living. She had possessed a strong mind, sound judg- ment and a very retentive memory & justly retained the respect and confidence of all her acquaintance. She made a professing of her faith in Christ in early life.

She was very eminent. She sought wool and flax and wrought willingly with her hands. She looked well to her household, did not eat the bread of idleness. Many daughters have done virtuously but she very much excelled.

She was the mother of 6 children, 4 of them died befor her. Two only remain to bear testimony to her examplary course. Two were not married. From four daughters proceeded a numerous offspring. Of her posterity there have been 6 children, 31 grandchildren, 60 of the fourth and 7 of the fifth generation, all, one hundred and four. (104)

                                    "J. M."
                              (Jonathan Maltby)

"Cousin Benjamin Maltby, the Patriarch indeed! of Ohio, whose descendants are said to be 270, was in his 98th year. (See Obit.)" (This was included under the record of Deacon Benjamin, in this book.)

"My uncle, Deacon Daniel Maltby of Northford, Ct., the Father of the Patriarch, had 3 sons and 8 daughters."

                                     "J. Maltby"

We insert an article written by Rev. Jonathan.

               "In Time of the Revolution. 1775"

"Northford was a Village of true Patriots. Only three Tories. The Whigs were ardent and forward in the service of their Country and perservered to obtain their Liberties and Independence. They fell and bled in the good Couse.

Some of the first young men--the flower of Northford fell in the Contest, much lamented.