Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Jonathan married a Culver. He and Solomon Talmage were de- tached from the troop under Capt. Treat of Milford and were with him at the Capture of Bygoin, went to Lenox, Mass."

Note. In his Genealogy, Jonathan Maltby wrote, "detached from;" in Mrs. Page's copy of "In Time of the Revolution," it reads: "Col. Douglas acts as General of Brigade, after May 1777, the Regt. was commanded by Col. Meigs...Capt. Isaac Foote...and active officer, commanded a detachment of the troop to New York, 1776. Jonathan Maltby and Solomon Talmage of the same troop, with others, were dis- patched under Capt. Treat of Milford to the capture of Burgoyne."

In 1847, Rev. Jonathan wrote: "To my beloved Friend Seth M. Maltby"

    (Seth Murray Maltby, his nephew, son of General Isaac Maltby.)
                       "Landscape View"
            "New Haven! Hail fairest of All,
             Choice Medley of Delights!
             Landscapes beautiful and sublime,
             Hail Land and Water--Art and Nature!
             High towering Rooks--East and West,
             Majestic Rivers--East, West, and Center.
             Long Wharf--Long Bridge--Light House--High Wood.
             Smoking--ratling--foaming Steam Boat.
             Roped--rumbling Cars and Depot,
             Yale College--Chapels and Halls,
             For Arts and Sciences an Athens,
             For virtue and piety a Bethel.
             To Athens resort sprightly youth,
             Guided by President Day and Faculty,
             Like lights in the wide world they shine,
             Look! see! ranged most wisely
             The beautiful Houses of Prayer,
             Where Pastors--with their People meet,
             Where Sacred Truth is wisely enforc'd
             Where the Word of God is taut and felt.
             Which from some noble deed or thing,
             So richly claims our admiration.
             Hail Grave yard of fame and story,
             Fenc'd with wall and iron gates,
             Willows weeping!--walks---shades attractive
             And ornaments quite fascinating.
             Hail city of Pilgrim Fathers!
             City of Elms and fair good deeds,
             Of ancient faith and glory.
             Hail fond home of Alma Mater!
             Where heart and mind expanded.
             Where prayer and praise were relished.
             Hail, dear--sweet--domestic Home!
             Where relatives and friends mingle in bliss!
             Hail, dear, the sweetest of All!
             That cheers the heart and starts the tear--
             That looks to friends and realms above!
             To Father--Saviour--Comforter--
             Where all is joy!  Where All is Love!"