Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"New Haven, 1847. Sixty first year of wedded life. Mrs. M. just closing her 84th and my 89th with many natural and moral infirm- ities."

    (On the last page is the following.)
        ("Pilgrim Fathers, met under an Oak.)
         "See!  Orchards, with their sweet rich fruit,
          Fields of corn and golden grain waving,
          Meadows, thick set with stacks of hay,
          Pastures, bleating flocks and lowing herds,
          And beautiful sweet singing birds.
          Flower gardens, court the food sight!
          With all the colours of delight!
          Ships with wide spread sails wafting,
          Golden treasures to their destined ports.
          Factories with thousand opperatives,
          And life like movements of machinery,
          Looks--blocks, and best eight day clocks.
          Hail, Unequalled City!  Tontine--State House
          And shading trees-- so charming!
          Bright and fair, by art and nature,
          And every smaller feature.
          An' where can vie, a place on earth?
          Within our investigation."

(The first Census of Connecticut, 1790)
    This mentions: "Head of Family of six persons.
    Jonathan Maltby of Branford Town, New Haven County.
        1 male over 16
        3 males under 16
        3 females."

Rev. Jonathan Maltby died 1856. (Ref. Deacon Charles Foote)

    Children of Rev. Jonathan Maltby and Submit Taintor.
V.331.  Isaac Taintor Maltby, b. Aug. 29, 1788; d. Hartford, 1841
V.332.  Jonathan        "     b. April 19, 1790;
                              d. Ashfield, Mass. 1865
V.333.  Abial Holmes    "     b. May 12, 1792; d. New Haven, 1853
V.334.  Oliver Ellsworth "    b. May 12, 1794;
                              d. Florida, heart trouble, 1870
V.335.  George           "    b. Oct. 16, 1796; d. New Haven, Nov. 1861
V.336.  Lucuis           "    b. Jan. 26, 1798.
V.337.  Amoret Submit    "    b. Jan. 11, 1801; died unmarried.
V.338.  Harriet Grace    "    b. Aug. 14, 1804, in Vernon Street,
                              New York City, died unmar.

IV.101. Elizabeth Maltby, b. April 16, 1761 (Benj. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). Mar. March 16, 1780 (Northford Church Rec.) Elnathan Tyler. She died Mar. 22, 1781 in her 20th year. (Ref. Rev. Jonathan Maltby.) The mar. is on p. 17 North Branford Church.

V.339.  "A daughter died an infant."  Evidently the following.
(Northford Church Rec.)  "Died Feb. 13, 1781, aged 5 weeks."