Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Selina Maltby Foote wrote: "James Linsley and Sarah Maltby lived on West Street."

_"Cousin" Hannah Linsley of Northford, wrote the compiler:_

"My grandfather," (James Linsley) "moved down here from upper part of Northford, in 1793, and bought this farm from various owners. My father" (John Stephen Linsley) "kept it together and added more, but most of it is already out of the name when I leave it. Northford used to be filled with fine class of people. Those people are dead or moved away."

"Sarah Maltby Linsley was tall, had golden curling hair and large blue eyes. In character, as near perfection as possible. If she had one fault--if she had one--it was being too generous."

(Above was told Hannah, by her mother, Mrs. John Stephen Linsley).

James Linsley was son of Ensign Dan and Anna Lucretia Tyler, dau. of Peter Tyler and Hannah Palmer; he was son of Lieut. Joseph and Lydia Wilford; son of John and Mary Harrison, son of John and Hannah (Griffin) Pond; son of John Linly, New Haven, 1644, and wife Ellen----.

    Children of Sarah Maltby and James Linsley.
V.340.  James Harvey Linsley, A.M., b. May 5, 1787.  Northford
V.341.  Olive           "     b. Sept. 21, 1789          "
V.342.  Esther          "     b. Mar. 21, 1792
V.343.  Emily           "     b. Apr. 14, 1794
V.344.  Elizabeth Maltby "    b. July 21, 1796
V.345.  Dan Evelyn       "    b. Mar. 14, 1800
V.346.  Sarah Melvina    "    b. June 21, 1802; d. s.p. Aug. 7, 1886
V.347.  Delight Urania   "    b. Apr. 8, 1804
V.348.  John Stephen     "    b. July 9, 1806
V.349.  Jeremiah         "    b. Aug. 9, 1809, met with a fatal
                              accident and d. Feb. 1811.

IV.103. General Isaac Maltby, b. Nov. 11, 1767 (Benj. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). He was born at Northford, Conn. He mar. Nov. 10, 1790, at Hatfield, Mass. Lucinda Murray, only child of General Seth Murray and Elizabeth (White) Murray. She was b. Dec. 9, 1770. They were mar. by Dr. Joseph Lyman.

Isaac Maltby was graduated at Yale College in 1786; he was a student of divinity with Dr. Smalley of New Britain, Conn., and was admitted to the Church there July 12, 1789.

On his marriage in 1790, he was persuaded by his father-in-law to settle at Hatfield. He and his wife resided most of their lives in the paternal mansion and their twelve (12) children were all born in the same house where their mother was born. The house still stands on the Main street at the turn of the Northampton road.

A picture sent of what purported to be this house and which was printed in the "Maltby-Maltbie Family History" brought an indignant letter from a descendant who knew the old home well. It was evident that our picture was of a comparatively insignificant building.

General Isaac Maltby served as representative from Hatfield in the Massachusetts Legislature in 1809-10. He was the author of three books on military science, viz:--"Elements of War," "Military Tac- tics: and "Court Martial." I have been told they were in general use for some time.