Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"were eminent teachers" (of Church music) "and were much employed at home and abroad."

    The following letter was furnished by Mrs. F. E. Foster
"My Dear Sir:--                    11th Feb. 1810"

_I have just read Gen'l Maltby's Report, Published in the_ Palladium on our Foreign Relations and the Conduct of our National Administration in relation to the famous pretended insult.

The Report I fully approve: and to reject it or in anything to weaken it would be treason against good sense and sound policy, and it would be more criminal than to have pardoned Luke Day in the time of Sheyes insurrection. Therefore I tell you now, as I told you at that time "do anything but pardon Luke Day." If you reject these Resolutions, you must not return to Biddleford.

Who is this Gen'l. Maltby? His Report argues good. If I am not mistaken he made a very energetic Report and Speech on some great national question last Winter.* I like him. If you have any acquaintance with him make him my respects to him and tell him he is right in his notions. Encourage his heart and strengthen his hands to fight the Lord's battles.

We have no news here. Everybody that possess common sense here gives over all expectations of finding Robert Smith's insult. They say it is all a matter of juggling to impose a little while on the credulity of Republicans, but the spell is wearing off.

Keep up a good tone in your proceedings. There is nothing gained by giving way to the Devil.

    Yield an inch and he will take an ell."
                                     "George Thatcher."

"To Jonathan Hill, Esq."

*Refers to the proceedings against Smith.

Note from Mrs. Ebenezer Carey: "The old Family Bible which belonged to Lucinda Murray Maltby, went to Amelia Fairchild of Waterloo, New York, and afterwards to Julia A. Norton Cullew, and finally, to Mrs. Alexander Martin, 108 State Street, Seneca Falls, N.Y.--who we believe now owns it."

"Appletons Cyclopedia of American Biography Vol. IV p. 4" has an account of General Isaac Maltby. He was licensed to preach, 1789, by New Haven East, "but was never ordained."

"The History of Hadley, Mass., by Sylvester Judd," and "Fam- ily Genealogies by Lucius M. Boltwood" also give accounts of General Isaac.

There is a Deed as follows: (Vol. 14, p. 20--not stated where recorded).

"Isaac Maltby of Hatfield, Co. of Hampshire, State of Mass. to Stephen Maltby of Branford.

12 Acres of land in the Society of Northford, bounded:
E. by Josiah Linsley's heirs.
N. by Grantee
W. by Benjamin Maltby
S. by Benjamin Maltby."      (The date was not given, but a note
  stated: "Similar deed to Benjamin Maltby of same date.")