Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Lucinda Murray's father was a prominent person. An account follows:

"GeneralSethMurray was born at Amherst,Mass., May 21, 1736, and his wife, Elizabeth White, was born at Hebron, Conn. Sept. 1736. They were married Dec. 17, 1768, by the Rev. Timothy Woodbridge. General Seth Murray died at Canandagua, N.Y., Sept. 27, 1795 and his widow died Feb. 4, 1814, at Hatfield." (From Genl. Isaac Maltby Family Bible.)

General Murray served his Country from the beginning to the end of the Revolutionary War, and the roll of the Company organized by him at Hatfield, of which he was Captain, and his Commission as Lieut-Colonel are in the possession of his great-granddaughter, Mrs. Foster.

General Murray's other commissions, including that of Brigadier- General, signed by John Hancock are in possession of his grandson (now deceased) John Whitehouse Maltby.

Mrs. George Beecher Maltby of Aurora, Indiana, whose husband was a twin of John Whitehouse Maltby, furnished the following:--

"Seth Murray was given command of forty nine minute men at the breaking out of the Revolution. He organized in Hatfield, Mass., a company of one hundred and twenty one men for immediate service and was chosen Captain.

He was in all the early battles and commanded the Hampshire County company in the Battle of Bennington, Aug. 16, 1777, at which time he was First Major. He was present at the capture of Burgoyne the September following.

He was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel, July 8, 1780, and was in service after the war and active in the suppression of Shay's Rebellion.

Conventions were held at his house 'to discuss grievances.'

Col. Murray was at Springfield under Major General Lincoln, in 1787 and was commissioned Brigadier General in 1790. General Murray died at Canadaigua, New York, Sept. 26, 1795, and was buried there beside Captain Walker, who was the first to be buried in that village." (Ref. Rev. Rolls of Mass., Vol. XXVIII, p. 11)

General Seth Murray was a son of William Murray, b. in Scotland, circa 1690, and his wife Hannah Dickinson descended from Nathaniel Dickinson, of Hadley, Mass.

Elizabeth White was a dau. of Daniel White of Hatfield and Bolton, Conn.

Mrs. Frederick Emory Foster was in possession of the Will of Genl. Isaac Maltby, and numerous old letters.

    Children of Genl. Isaac Maltby and Lucinda Murray.
V.350.  Seth Murray Maltby, b. July 31, 1791, Hatfield, Mass.
V.351.  Elizabeth White "   b. Feb. 27, 1794     "       "
V.352.  Benjamin        "   b. June 31, 1796     "       "
V.353.  Maria           "   b. Mar. 15, 1799     "       "
V.354.  Aurelia         "   b. July 4, 1801      "       "
V.355.  Julia Ann       "   b. May 22, 1804      "       "
V.356.  Isaac Fowler    "   b. Feb. 10, 1807     "       "
V.357.  Lucinda         "   b. Apr. 23, 1810     "       "
V.358.  Martha Church   "   b. June 6, 1813      "       " d. aged 4 mo.
V.359.  Martha Church   "   b. Dec. 18, 1815     "       "