Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Note. Mrs. Carey wrote: "Their twelve children," etc. I think this must be an error as no descendant has ever given more than ten children, and these were copied "from General Isaac's Old Bible."

IV.103. General Isaac (4) Maltby's family record, written by him Sept. 27, 1847. Owned by compiler.

"1st. Seth M. Maltby. 9 children--Isaac Murray, d. ae. 2; Seth Murray, 17; Henry Dwight, died at 4 mo; Henry Martyn, 14; Mary Love, 12; George Beecher and John Whitehouse, Twins, 9; Victoria 6. John Brooke died in Sept. 1837 aged 3 weeks.

2nd. Eliza (Chapin) Ephraim 29; Eliza, 26; Maria, 24; Loise, 22; Charles, 19; Edward, 16.

3rd. Benjamin ---- Lucinda, 17; John, 15; Elizabeth Murray* 12; George, 8, Charles, 6; Infant died.

4th. Maria (Love) George, 17; Maria* and Julia, 19:---Mary died at 9---Albert at 3--Albert an infant.

5th. Julia Ann (Norton) Lucinda, 16; Henry, 14; Edward, 12; Julia is 10; a child.

6th. Aurelia (Fairchild) Isaac Maltby, 25; Mary, 22; Joseph, 19; Julia, 16; Frances, 13.

7th. Isaac Fowler. Isaac, 12; Eliza, 10; Frances is 4; 1 infant died.

8th. Lucinda (Saltar) Josephine, 11; John, 8; (?) Mary, 4; Anna Maltby 1 year; Lucinda Murray died at 3 months.

9th. Martha Church (Love) John, 6; Leila, 3; 1 infant died and one infant without a name.

Eliza Chapin married Mr. Tobey, has a son 2 years old in Wisconsin."

*Note. General Isaac has "Elizabeth Murray" as dau. of Benjamin. In records sent by Mrs. Frederick E. Foster, dau. of Martha Church (Maltby) Love, she is called "Elizabeth White."

I cannot understand Gen. Isaac's statement: "Maria and Julia Love, 19." My records, which should be accurate, give "Julia b. 1827; Maria, b. 1840."

IV.104. Colonel Stephen Maltby, b. July, 1769; bp. at Northford, Conn. Aug. 20, 1769 (Benj. 3, Dan. 2, Wm. 1). He mar. Sept. 29, 1788, Abigail Williams. (Branford Rec.) He was 19, and Abigail, born in 1772, but sixteen. She was a daughter of Rev. Warham and Anna (Hall) Williams. This marriage brought many distinguished lines of ancestry into this branch of the family, some being:--besides Williams and Hall, Governor Jonathan Law, Conn. Governor William