Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Brenton of Rhode Island, Davenport, Rev. John Eliot, "the apostle to the Indians," Major Nathan Gold, Lyman, Rev. Richard Mather, Rev. Abraham Pierson and many others.

Col. Stephen Maltby had much military spirit, but it was his misfortune to have been too young for service in the Rev. War, and he died at the beginning of the War of 1812, in which his brother, General Isaac Maltby, distinguished himself.

_The old Rev. Warham Williams parsonage at Northford still_ stands. The house is said to have been built by him soon after 1750. A delightful old residence. The hall is in the centre, with a fas- cinating stairway leading to the upper floor. The house is built "round the chimney." Downstairs at the right of the front door, the room contains a large open fireplace with old blue and white tile- ing. The room at the left of the hall has a quaint built-in corner cupboard. All rooms have heavy beams across the ceilings.

In the kichen there is an open fireplace large enough to stand in, and the old oven, built in at the side of the fireplace, is still to be seen.

The downstairs room at the right has a side door which opens in halves, giving a charming view of the hills. The situation is de- lightful and one wishes one could stay months in old Northford.

The Colonial front door has been featured in advertising Colon- ial Silver, and is, I believe, used as a pattern on the handles of spoons.

"In 1794 Stephen Maltby was one of the grand Jurors for Branford, or Northford."

(Northford Church Record)
    "May 24, 1795.  Church Member, Stephen Maltby."
    "May 31, 1804.  Stephen Maltby was chosen Deacon, and accepted."
    "Members reccomended to other churches."
    "May 6, 1811.  Col. Stephen Maltby and wife Abigail to First
       Church in New Haven."
    "Colonel Stephen Maltby died June 22, 1812."

In the old Grove Street Cemetery, New Haven, there is a hand- some white marble, tall shaft--apparently belonging to a well-known New Haven family. On the back of the shaft is the death inscription of Col. Stephen Maltby. Abigail, his wife, died at Northford. (Record) "1836, Dec. 31, Abigail Maltby, 4th daughter of Rev. War- ham Williams. Her death was occasioned by a fall upon the ice, breaking her hip bone. Aged 68."

_The compiler, who is a great, great granddaughter of Col._

Stephen, owns the following paper:
                   "Eagle Bank of New Haven.
2 Shares.                                    Sept. 22, 1813

Stephen Maltby has at this Date, standing to his credit on the books of this Bank--Two Shares of the Capital Stock thereof, amount- ing to Two Hundred Dollars.

    $200 Dollars                  Geo. Hoadly, Cashier
    N. B.  Transfers of Stock must be made at the Bank in Person
                    or by Attorney."

I have no date for the following deed, from Gen. Isaac Maltby to his brother, Colonel Stephen.