Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

*It is interesting to note that West Somerton, Norfolk, occurs in the "Paston Letters," many of them written by Margaret Mawtly (Malt- by) Paston, while the Stalhams are mentioned as early as "A.D. 1216- 1272." William, son of William de Stalham. Deed witnessed by Walter de Maltebi."

"In 1288, Robert de Mauteby was witness to a deed of Sir William de Stalham."

The Cookes who married with Williams, were of North Repps, Nor- folk. The Arms of Mautby are in this Church.

In my earliest record of Maltby of Norfolk, Circa 1140-1150 A.D. the name is recorded as "Walter son of Robert de Maltebi." "Curia Regis, Vol. II, p. 7. Norf" A.D. 1207, "Walter de Malteby and other knights," etc. In 1253, the name occurs as Malleby.

    Children of Col. Stephen Maltby and Abigail Williams.
V.360.  Augustus Williams Maltby, b. Oct. 22, 1789, Branford
V.361.  Beliza              "     b. May 1, 1791, Northford.
            Ref. Jonathan Maltby wrote of him, "He was in the
            'Epirer' despatched ship. U.S. from the Mediteranian."
            I believe this ship blew up.  He d. unmar.
V.362.  Stephen Elutheros Maltby, bp. July 17, 1796, Northford.
V.363.  Julia Ann           "     bp. Dec. 23, 1810, Northford.

These "Branford" and "Northford" records are most annoying. Stephen Maltby was born at Northford and undoubtedly was married to Abigail Williams, by her father, the Rev. Warham Williams, at North- ford. So far as one can learn they lived at Northford in 1795, where Stephen was a Church warden there. We find this confusion of Branford and Northford over and over again in these records, and also "Northford in Branford." I doubt exceedingly that Augustus Williams Maltby was born at Branford, although his birth is in a "Stray Volume" without number," at Branford.

IV.114. Abigail Maltby, b. Apr. 22, 1744 (Sam. 3, Sam. 2, Wm. 1). The record of her mar. reads: "1765, March 10. Bille Tyler and Abigail Maltbie, both of Branford, mar. by Bela Hubbard, presbyter of Church of England. (Page 191 Branford Rec.) He was a son of Paul Tyler who mar. Nov. 8, 1739, Mary Frisbie, both of Branford. In the births of children her husband is recorded as "Bille Tyler, b. July 9, 1742." He d. Jan. 30, 1830, "aged 92."

Paul Tyler was son of Peter and Elizabeth Stent, and he was son of Peter and Deborah (Swain) Tyler, Branford, 1668.

    (Children were born in Branford and Northford).

(Branford Deeds. Vol. IX, p. 102)

"Samuel Maltbie of Branford--To my daughter Abigail Tyler, wife of Bille Tyler, all my right, title, and interest in a tract of land in Branford, it being the whole of what descended to my late wife Abigail, from her father, Richard Wilford, dec'd. 1 Sept. 1768."

    Children of Abigail Maltby and Bille Tyler.
V.364.  Rebecca Tyler, b. Jan. 8, 1766.
V.365.  Abigail   "    b. Apr. 18, 1768.
V.366.  Hannah    "    b. Apr. 21, 1770.