Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Vol. 13. Page 9.) Guilford Probate Rec. Oct. 25

1775. Nov. Branford.

Distribution. exhibited-

Page 403. court 1785. March 28. "Mrs. Rosanna Maltbie admitted guardian of Timothy Maltbie son of Samuel Maltbie, deceased."

As Samuel Maltby died when but twenty seven years of age, there is little to record of him. He is, of course, the "Samuel Maltby, Junior," of the Northford Episcopal Church record, where (p. 6 Episcopal Records) "Samuel Maltby and son Samuel, for Sundries in

building the house, received:  #    s     d 
                              16   13     2 
                              17    4     5." 

Samuel Maltby died Aug. 18, 1774, at Northford. His widow, Roxanna (or Rosanna) mar. (2), Nov. 30, 1786, John Page.

(Note.  Children by John Page, were: 
          A. Rosanna Page 
          B. Isaac     " 
          C. Amy       "   m. Albert Munson, no children. 
     B. Isaac Page m. Philanda Stillman, and they had a son, Rev. 
          Benjamin St. John Page, who mar. Emela Maltby, also Isaac 
          Morris Page, Mary Foote Page and others). 

The following items are from Selina (Maltby) Foote, grand-dau. of Samuel Maltby (4).

"Grandfather Maltby's father was Samuel Maltby. Grandfather died aged about 27. He married Rosanna Coe of Durham. Her father was killed in a well by a hod of stone tipping over on his back, while he was in the well.

Her mother's name was Anna Morris of East Haven. Miss Morris was an only child, born in East Haven, but went with her parents to Durham, where she married Mr. Coe. The family of Morris still exist in East Haven.

Mr. Coe and Anna Morris his wife, had

Rosanna Coe married Samuel Maltby

Sarah Coe married James Maltby, (brother of Samuel) lived in Northford and had a child James Maltby of Wallingford. He mar. first Selina Williams, and second, Elizabeth Gould. No child- ren. Mar. third--a widow, no children."

"Rosanna Coe, widow of Samuel, lived in the old house till she married again. Aunt Ruth's house. His father Samuel"(Maltby)"built the house, I am pretty sure. Perhaps 8 or 10 years, married again, John Page of Northford, then she left her Maltby home.

John was five years old whe his Father died and Mother" (wife of John (5) Elizabeth Ives) "lived there ten years, (he would have been 15) and lived on the road from Northford to North Guilford, or Hill road.

Maltby house probably in care of Grandmother Lewis, her 1st husband's step-mother, who survived the Maltby and went to North Guilford to live with connections."