Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

Children of Samuel and Roxanna Coe. V.371. John Maltby, b. Dec. 8, 1768, Northford, Conn. V.372. Timothy " b. Apr. 9, 1770 " " V.373. Adonijah Morris Maltby, b. about 1772 (called "Morris") V.374. Anne Maltby, b. Feb. 23, 177- "aged 2 years", d. Feb. 17, 1777 Tombstone at Northford-- "Anne the daughter of Samuel and Rosanna Maltby who died Febr. 17, 1777 in the 2nd year of her age "I trust my Babe has gone to rest Clothed in the Robes of Righteousness." (Note. She must have been a posthumous child as Samuel Maltby died Aug. 18, 1774). Notes from "Aunt Ruth"--i.e. Ruth Collins who married Samuel Chauncy Maltby (6) grandson of Samuel (4), concerning the clock, mentioned in Samuel's will. "Grandfather" (Samuel (4)) "bought the clock fifty years ago, or more, a wooden clock, and Mr. Douglas took it and thought it would cost more to repair then to get another, and took it home thinking he could make it go and left the present clock, but he never succeeded, I believe. The Clock at Aunt Foot's was Samuel's. We never could set it going." (A stray note of Mrs. Cushman states: "Rosanna Page (widow of Samuel (4)) "has a document in Guilford; also the heart and hand ring which was a wedding gift from Samuel to his wife.") She parted with it for a silver thimble!" Letter from Aunt Ruth. "Oct. 19, 1866" "Grandmother Page broke down and lost her mind. She lived a mile above here at her Page husband's" "Grandfather (Samuel (4)) said he was baptized at the Episcopal Church. Grandpa ceased keeping this place a tavern when Grandma Hoadly died." "He kept the tavern when Samuel Chauncy died and left off pretty soon after. "Aunt Foot" (Selina (6) Maltby) had had her setting out before. "Juliana (dau. of John) had five or six hundred dollars that my husband gave her. John $1000, making the farm 25,000 when husband died. Grandfather settled up debts and took the farm. John adminis- tered Grandfather's Estate. Grandfather's estate settled by will, distributed to children and grandchildren. Gave House and I took what I had and bought farm and house of Aunt Foote and John. Mother had her right in house when Father died after it was given to Samuel. Samuel was to support Grandma. When she came here she didn't expect to stay after Grandfather died but she chose to stay and then Samuel had house. Grandma Douglas" (2nd wife of John (5)) "was very kind woman to all the family--a lovely woman. I see her child now, only one son, Benjamin." (I think here she must refer to Douglas children).