Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

(Fairfield. Marriages)

"Christopher (negro) servant of Jonathan Maltby, and Dinah (negro) servant of Gershorn Burr, mar. Feb. 1791."

A list of Jonathan Maltbie's children was compiled by Miss Ethel C. Yates of Camden, South Carolina, who, in 1926, visited the New York Library and the Library at Stamford. List follows:

     Children of Capt. Jonathan Maltbie and wife Elizabeth Allen: V.408.  John Maltbie, bp. 20 Apr. 1769. 
V.409.  Jonathan  "   bp. Feb. 4, 1770; "d. in infancy." 
V.410.  Sarah     "   bp. 17 Apr. 1772. 
V.411.  Elizabeth "   bp. Jan. 2, 1774. 
V.412.  Jonathan  "   bp. Mar. 5, 1775. 
V.413.  Abigail   "   bp. Aug. 25, 1782. 
V.414.  William   "   bp. April 11, 1784. 
V.415.  Anna      "   bp. July 11, 1787. 
V.416.  Hannah    "   b. April 7, 1789. 
     The children named in the will of Capt. Jonathan Maltbie, 1798, are: 
          "John, eldest son. 
           Betty Malbie 

Mrs. Maltbie's will, (she d. March, 1799), mentions: "a silk dress and best cloak to one daughter, and to another a silk dress, and to one other, a calico dress and petticoat, and to another, a calico dress and petticoat." These notes are only about cloathes; there was mention of real estate and money." (The copyist had only time for these brief notes.) Presumably Sarah and Elizabeth had the silk dresses and Abigail and Anna the calicoes.

Elizabeth Allen, wife of Capt. Jonathan Maltbie, was dau. of Lieut. David Allen and wife, Sarah, dau. of Mr. John Gold. He was son of Lieut. Gideon Allen and wife Anna, dau. of Nathaniel Burr. He was son of Gideon Allen of Swansey, Mass., 1669, and wife Sarah Prud- den.

Reproductions of the tombstones of Capt. Maltbie and wife, Elizabeth, were published in the "Maltby-Maltbie Family," Booklet II, p. 49. Tombstones.

                      Jonathan Maltbie 
                       died Febr. 11th 
                       Aged 53 years." 
                      Elizabeth Maltbie 
                         Widow of 
                      Jonathan Maltbie 
                       died March 14th 
                       Aged 50 years."