Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

A descendant wrote that David removed to New York about 1804.

"Mrs. David Maltbie joined the Rutgers Street Church, New York City, 1810, by Certificate."

David Maltbie died in New York City, Nov. 24, 1807 and was bur- ied at Stamford, Conn. His wife died Feb. 23. 1815, and was also buried at Stamford.

Nancy Davenport's father, Silas, was a son of John Davenport, b. 1698 and wife Sarah Bishop, (supposed to be grand-daughter of Rev. John Bishop of Stamford, 1644).

It is interesting to note that Rev. John's elder sister, Abi- gail, mar. Stephen Williams, grandfather of Abigail Williams, who mar. Col. Stephen Maltby.

Rev. John's younger sister, Sarah, mar. Capt. William Maltby of New Haven, and the younger brother of Rev. John was the Hon. Abraham Davenport of Stamford. (Portrait p. 211, Davenport genealogy).

The father of Abigail, Rev. John, Sarah and Hon. Abraham Daven- port, also a Rev. John Davenport mar. for his 2nd wife widow Eliza- beth (Morris) Maltby who was mother of Capt. William Maltby.

Nancy Davenport's ancestry is traced back to Ormus de Dauneport of 1086 A.D.

     Children of David Maltbie and Nancy Davenport:
V.438.  William Davenport Maltbie, b. Jan. 4, 1789.
V.439.  Mary Catharine       "     b. Jan. 11, 1791.
V.440.  James Rufus          "     b. May 15, 1793.
V.441. *John Robert          "     b. Apr. 11, 1795; d. 1824, Pitts-
                                     burg, Pa.
V.442.**Charles David        "     b. Dec. 30, 1797; d. West Indies.
V.443.  Ebenezer Davenport   "     b. Jan. 20, 1799.
V.444.  Albert Gallatin Sylvester " b. Jan. 4, 1802.
      *"John Robert Maltbie died at Huntsville (Vicksburg) on the
Mississippi, 1824, in the prime of his life."
      **Charles David Maltbie died of yellow fever in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil, unmarried.

IV.138. Hannah Maltbie, b. April 29, 1762 (David 3, Jonathan 2, Wm.1). Mar. Oct. 16, 1781, Samuel Hoyt, 4th.

     Children of Hannah Maltbie and Samuel Hoyt, 4th:
V.445.  James Malty Hoyt, b. May 31, 1782; d. July 5, 1782.
V.446.  Harriet      "    b. July 17, 1783.
V.447.  James Maltby "    b. July 11, 1785.
V.448.  Sally        "    b. May 15, 1787; d. June 1, 1787.
V.449.  Maria        "    b. ---- 15 ----.
V.450.  Samuel Blachley " b. Mar. 22, 1793.
V.451.  Elihu           " b. July 13, 1795.
V.452.  Emily           " b. July 18, 1797.  Died young.
V.453.  Emily           " b. Feb. 17, 1800.

IV.139. (?) William Waterbury, b. Oct. 10, 1766, Stamford (Mary 3, Jonathan 2, Wm.1). Mar.(1) Nancy Scofield, b. 1786; d. Feb. 23, 1812, ae. 26. Also their infant dau. died aged 3 mo. Mar.(2) Sally Lockwood, b. in Greenwich, Ct., Dec. 12, 1780; d. Stamford, Dec. 19, 1861, ae. 81. He died at Stamford, Jan. 11, 1842.