Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

V.154. Seth Hurd, b. July 7, 1759, Killingworth, Conn. (Esther 4, John 3, John 2, Wm.1). Res. at Colebrook, Conn., and Southington, Ohio. He mar. Jan. 2, 1782, at Haddam, Conn., Thankful Ray, of Haddam, Colebrook and Southington, Ohio, dau. of Isaac Ray and Hannah ----. She b. July 5, 1759, Haddam, Conn.; d. Mar. 17, 1836, at Southington, Ohio. (D.L. Jacobus says she was probably Hannah Smith, as her first son is named Smith). He died Jan. 1, 1837, Southington, Ohio. (Ref: "Haddam Rec. Vol. III, 5;" "Western Reserve Pioneer Women, 3-9;" "Hurd Gen.;" and Rev. Charles Hurd of Portland, Ore.)

VI.478.  Smith Hurd, b. Jan. 5, 1783, Colebrook, Middlesex Co., Conn.
VI.479.  Esther  "   b. Jan. 28, 1785     "          "            "
VI.480.  Edith   "   b. Dec. 17, 1788     "          "            "
VI.481.  Hannah  "   b. 1789              " or Killingworth. Conn.
VI.482.  Comfort "   b. 1790              "          "
VI.483.  Joy     "   b. Dec. 17, 1793     "          "
VI.484.  Harmon  "   b. 1795                         "
VI.485.  Freeman "   b. 1799.
VI.486.  Isaac   "   b. 1804.

V.155. Lewis Hurd, b. May 26, 1760/1, Killingworth, Conn. (Esther 4, John 3, John 2, Wm.1). He was Sergeant under Lafayette in the Rev. War. He mar. Dec. 1783, Catherine Sanford. He d. Dec. 1783.

VI.487.  Josiah Hurd, b. 1784, posthumous.  Mar. Abigail Parker.

V.160. Abigail Osborne, b. about 1757 (Mehitable 4, John 3, John 2, Wm.1). Mar. Titus Atwater, he b. Jan. 6, 1761, son of Enos and Hannah (Moss) Atwater. He d. June 26, 1791 and Abigail d. July 21, 1788. They resided at Cheshire, Conn. No children.

Enos Atwater was son of John and Elizabeth Mix. (Titus was 1st cousin of Jeremiah Atwater who mar. Lois Hurd, and their wives were first cousins.

V.161. Nancy Osborn, b. ca. 1759 (Mehitable 4, John 3, John 2, Wm.1). She was said to have died unmarried.

An old MS. found in 1899 among the papers of Minot Osborn, of New Haven, Conn., tells of an "old lady, Nancy Osborn, living on George street, New Haven." In 1845, she told of "her sister who mar. John Peck of New Haven, who was a Lieutenant in the Rev. War." She called her "brother Jonathan, a graduate of Yale College." He appar- ently died young.

V.164. Lois Osborn, b. Jan. 19, 1757 (Mehitable 4, John 3, John 2, Wm.1.). Mr. Clarence Smith of Rome, N.Y., sent the following: "Lois Osborn, b. June 19, 1757, dau. of Jonathan and Mehitable (Maltby) Osborne, mar. John Peck, Mar. 12, 1780. He d. Mar. 8, 1825; a Rev. War soldier. She d. Mar. 15, 1845.

He did not marry twice. The Rebecca Atwater who mar. John Peck, was John Peck of Norwich, instead of John Peck of New Haven."