Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"Mrs. Ira Wilder's aunt mar. Ersatus Maltby. Mrs. Wilder told me so when we both lived in Flint, Mich., in 1873/4."

Again, a descendant writes: "Mother used to speak of Aunt Hannah and Aunt Polly. She also spoke of Erastus."

It is known Erastus had one son, Curtis White Maltby.

VI.633.  Curtis White Maltby, b. near Corning, N. Y.

V.243. Hannah Maltby. Whether or not Hannah should be included as child of Joseph (4) I do not know. We have the statement "Mother used to speak of Aunt Hannah and Aunt Polly. Hannah might well have been Hannah, wife of Joseph (5) and Polly might have been the wife of Erastus (5). Personally I do not feel Hannah should be included as a dau. of Joseph (4). Another descendant wrote: "Hannah (?) mar. Mr. Hausmer." (Hosmer?)

V.244. Mary Maltby, b. Nov. 22, 1764 (Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Charles Avery, b. 1764. He d. at Catarauga, N.Y. in 1814, ae. 50. She was living in 1849, in Wisconsin. "A somewhat numerous familly still living (1849) and settled about the world," wrote Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby.

East Hartford Bapts., gives: "Mary, dau. of William and Lydia Maltby, bapt. Jan. 20. 1765."

V.245. Elizabeth Maltby, b. July 13, 1766 (Lenox Rec.) "Bapt. at East Hartford, Conn., July 20, 1766, Elizabeth, dau. of William and Lydia Maltby." (Will.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm1). She mar. Aaron Post, who d. 1816, aged 50. Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby wrote "Four of their children living in 1849."

Mrs. L. C. Jefferson, 1126 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn., kind- ly sent the following: "In an old note-book, compiled in Vermont about fifty years ago I find Eldad Post's children were as follows: Peter, Aaron, Daniel, Russell, Israel, Bela, Syble, Polly. Aaron mar. Miss Maltby, his children were: Aaron, Betsey, Lydia, Israel, Bela, Cynthia, Annie, Joel. Eldad Post was a Revolutionary soldier and founded Post Mills, Vermont. I have a copy of a Deed drawn in 1798, by Aaron Post disposing of his lands in Post Mills. He was a descendant of Stephen Post who settled Saybrook, Conn."

(Note. D.M.V. The Post family were originally from Holland, where their pedigree has been traced in prominent families for several generations).

Aaron Post's mother was Hannah Case. He was b. Oct. 9, 1760, (Hebron, Conn. V.R.). He removed with his father to Oxford, New Hampshire, where he fought in the Rev. War. He removed to Thetford, Vermont, about 1779. From here he also fought in the Rev. War.

His name appears in a payroll of Capt. William Heaton's Company of Militia in Thetford, from Aug. 1780 to April 1781, in the Alarm at Reyulton, and twice to Newbery, etc. 12 days service."

"Appears on a payroll of Capt. Jacob Marsten's company for ser- vice done in years, 1780-1781. 6 days service." "In Jan. 1781, an order was issued to have 10 pounds discounted from his pay as he had