Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"received a right of land in Vershire, Vermont."

1790 Census lists him
     2 (white males.)
     2 under 16
     3 females, all residing in Thetford, Vt.
"He owned a large per cent of the land in and around Thetford, having purchased much of his father's land interests. He owned several of the mills after which Post Mills, Vermont, was named. In 1794 his mills were assessed upon --- 25.

In March, 1803, he removed to Vershire, Vt., and on Oct.20,1813, he set out for Perry, Genesse Co., N.Y. He settled in that part of the town which is now Castile, Wyoming Co., N.Y. He and his family were among the first settlers. He commenced work on his farm in Perry, May 14, 1814.

He married Dec. 8, 1785 (family record written by Aaron) Elizabeth Maltbie, daughter of William and Lydia (Ritter) Maltbie of Vershire, Vt.

Aaron Post died at his home in Castile, Nov. 9, 1827 (Tombstone and family record) intestate (Genesse Co. Records).

Elizabeth (Maltby) Post died at Castile, Nov.9, 1831. They were buried in what is now Hope Cemetery, Castile. Their tombstones still legible, may be found in the family plot where three generations of their descendants are buried. He was the first Deacon of the Castile Christian Church.

     Chilldren of Elizabeth Maltby and Aaron Post.
VI.634.  Aaron Post, b. Sept. 14, 1786.
VI.635.  Betsey  "   b. June 25, 1790.
VI.636.  Lydia   "   b. Dec. 17, 3792.
VI.637.  Polly   "   b.   "   "    "  ; d. July 12, 1795.
VI.638.  Israel  "   b. Jan. 28, 1795.
VI.639.  Bela    "   b. Oct. 25, 1797 at Thetford.
VI.640.  Cynthia "   b. July 22, 1800       "
VI.641.  Anna    "   b. Mar. 16, 1803.
VI.642.  Joel   "    b. June 5, 1806.
VI.643.  Mary    "   b. May 18, 1808.
     *Apparently a 2nd child. Josiah Post, b.Sept. 17, 1788; d. Mar.31,

Eldad Post was a son of Thomas and Dinah (Brown) Post of Hebron, Conn., he son of Stephen and Hannah (Hosmer) Post. Stephen was b. 1664, he son of Abraham and Mary (Jordan) Post, he son of Stephen Post and wife Elinor-----of Saybrook, Conn., 1645.

V.246. William Maltby, b. July 3, 1768 (Lenox Rec.), bapt. at East Hartford, Conn., Aug. 14, 1768, (Wm.4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). He married Rachel Kerr, b. June 4, 1768. He died in Worth- ington, Franklin Co., Ohio, June 17, 1835, in the 67th year of his age. His widow was still living in Ashtabula, Ohio, in 1849.

Letter from Benjamin Kerr (6) Maltby to Rev. Jonathan (4) Malt- by.

"My Father was William Maltby mentioned in the letter of Stephen L. Maltby, my Uncle. He married Rachel Kerr. He had 13 children. 1. David Maltby. Born in 1803. How living Seneca (?) Co., Ohio, He