Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"is a member of the Bar in that County. He married Lucy Marsh, Daughter of Hosea Marsh. His children are: Jasper A. Maltby, Henry A., Claribel, Matilda, and Willliam L.

2. Ira Maltby. Born in 1805. How living in Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He married Emily Barney, Daughter of John Barney. His children are Mary who died in infancy, Lydia Augusta who died in her 3rd year, Minerva Adelle and Oliver A. Both living. He was a member of the Methodist E. Church.

3. Joseph Maltby, Born in 1807. He married Jerusha Taft. His children are Augustus Benjamin, Henry, and Mary, all living. He is a preacher in the Local Ministry of the Methodist E. Church and lives in Kingsville, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.

4. Benjamin Kerr Maltby, Born Sept. 18, 1809. He married Marie Harriet Sophia Butler, Daughter of Henry W. Butler, Esq. of Summit Co., Ohio. His children are, Mary, Julia and Ellen. He is a Minis- ter of M. E. Church. 12 years in the itinerary of the Erie Conference. How a local preacher and Member of the Board of National popular Ed- ucation. And Acting Agent of the same. His residence, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio.

5. Daniel Maltby. Born Jany. 1812. He married Polly Jackson. His children are Lydia and Ann, infant daughter born since his decease. His residence was Ashtabula, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. He died in Nov. 1847. He was also Member of the M.E. Church.

6. Lydia Maltby. Born 1814. Died in Ashtabula 1843.

7. Mary Maltby. Born 1816. Died in Ashtabula, 1841.

8. William Wesley Maltby. Born 1818. Married Hannah Booth. His children are Alfred Leslie who died aged 5 years, and 2 daughters now 4 and 1 years respectively. He is a Minister in the travelling ---- of the Erie Conference M. E. Church. How stationed in Ashtabula,Ohio.

9. Hester A. Maltby. Born 1821. How living and married.

10. George Washington Maltby. Born 1823. He married Ursula Smith. His only child is Mary W. He is also in the Conference of M. E. Church. Now stationed in Windham.

11. John F. Maltby. Born 1825. Died in 1844.

12. Isaac Newton Maltby. Born 1828. Died in Island of Bermuda, W.I, in 1845.

13. Charles Milton Maltby. Born 1828, twin of Isaac Newton. Now a Student in Alleghany College, Pennsylvania.

These are the children of William Maltby. The names, etc. of the father's family are ommitted in the letter of Stephen L.

William Maltby Died in Worthinton, Franklin Co., Ohio, 1836 in the 67th year of his age.

     My Mother Rachel Maltby is still living in Ashtabula.
                            Affectionately & sincerely yours--
                                    Benj. K. Maltby.
To Rev. Jonathan Maltby."

It is claimed that Rachel Kerr was daughter of David Kerr, b. June 18, 1725, and his first wife, Martha Faulkner, b. July 12,