Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

of Woodbury, Conn. and resided in Woodbury as late as 1812.

"Letter from Library at Albany, N.Y.," states: "Several of the Woodbury Maltbys emigrated to New York. I find a record of Adin Maltby who went at an early age to Eastern, N.Y. and settled at Beth- el, where his wife died in 1829."

The "History of Woodbury" calls Edin -- "Adam," and his son, Herman, is given as "Hearmon" and his brother, Hiram, as "Heiram." (N.Y. Gen.&Biog. Reg., Vol. 52, p.168) states: "Three brothers came to Sullivan Co., N.Y. from Pennsylvania, Harmon, b. 1803, Aden,Hiram."

From Woodbury Church Rec., Feb. 7. 1810, the following children of Aden Maltby were baptised.

VI.672. "Betsey Maltby, bpt. Feb. 7, 1810.
VI.673. "David    "      "    "   "    "
VI.674. "Herman   "      "    "   "    "    (b. 1803)
VI.675. "Hiram    "      "    "   "    "
VI.676. "John     "      "    "   "    "
VI.677. "Marietta "      "    "   "    "
VI.678. "Adin     "      "    "   "    "

Note. It would seem possible Edin is the ---- Maltby, m. 1798, at Bethlehem, ?____ Leavenworth.

By the will of his father, dated 1785, Edin had a double portion.

From the reference to "three brothers, Sullivan Co., N.Y.":

"Harmon, b. 1803, Aden, Hiram" it would appear there was another child, Adin, not given in the list of baptisms. In the Woodbury Records, we have "Adin owns 2/9 of the whole."---Consequently if we give Edin a son Adin, Jr., we have seven children, which would check with the "2/9". (Please see pages 434 and 435 for Joel Maltby.)

V.262. Noah Maltby, b. Nov. 24, 1774 (Noah 4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. in 1800, Mary Downing, she b. Nov. 22, 1779. She had a brother, James Downing, also of New York State. Noah died Nov.27, 1850, ae. 76. Mary d. May 28, 1811, aged 32. He mar.(2) Feb. 1812, Dorcas Haskins, b. Aug. 1785, she was widow of John Bates. She d. about 1864, aged about 80.

A descendant writes: "Noah came from Connecticut. He owned a daw mill and land near what is now Coleman's Mills. He was lame and a hatter by trade. He settled in Westmoreland, Oneida Co., N.Y., and bought land there in 1810-1816."

At a Court of Probate held at Woodbury, Conn., March 1792, "personally appeared Noah Maltby, a son of Noah Maltby, late of Wood- bury, deced., a minor, about 17 years old, and made choice of his mother, Huldah Maltby to be his guardian."

"Noah was an expert with firearms, dueling pistols, and at one time he went to New Jersey to perfect himself in the art (it was considered quite an accomplishment then)."

"One of the Pinkertons bought a musket of him. It seems to me it weighted about fourty pounds," writes Appleton Noah Maltby.