Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"This is the fourth of the family of daughters of the same disease.

He has but one left. She is living in the village of Delavan." (Wis- consin) "Her husband's name is Gove. If you know anything about them please to inform me. . . .

Please to inform us of your own welfare and that of your family and Mr. Larrabee's children.

                               I remain yours.
                                   G. W. Maltby."

Note. Charles Baker was Judge Charles Ninton Baker. His wife was Martha Washington (6) Larrabee, dau. of Lydia (5) Maltby, sister of George W. Maltby. "Sarah" mentioned, may have been Sarah Larrabee, dau. of Lydia (5)(Maltby) Larrabee.

VI.723.  Elizabeth Ann Maltby, b. 1825; d. Oct. 1866.
VI.724.  Rosina L.       "     b. April 11, 1829.

I think the following refers to George W. Maltby: Mr. John Prescott Guild, 19 High Street, Lowell, Mass., wrote:

"One of the Vershire, Vermont Maltbys came to the first farm in Thetford, south of West Fairlee, sometime in 1800 and built a good brick house on it, a mile from Post Mills village." (This must refer to Jonathan (4), father of George W. Maltby).

"I knew him slightly, grey haired, at Church where he was Con- gregational deacon in 1846, when I was four years old.

"He had two nice daughters who were then my schoolmates. One of them "Rose" was my school marm" the next year. I saw her join the church at that time." (This last must refer to "Rosina, b. 1829 dau. of George W. Maltby. George W. Maltby was b. in 1790, and I am inclined to think he was the "Congregational Deacon, in 1846, when aged 56.")

V.276. Josiah Bartholomew, b. Nov. 11, 1775, Goshen, Conn. (Martha 4, Jos.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Jan. 24, 1799, Myra Wadhams Hyde, and died in Augusta, N.Y., Aug. 26, 1819. He was a farmer and Justice of the Peace at Augusta. His wife was b. Jan.10, 1779, and d. Nov. 10, 1838.

VI.725.  Alvira Bartholomew, b. July 30, 1800.
VI.726.  Henry       "       b. Apr. 26, 1802, at Augusta.
VI.727.  Laura       "       b. April 26, 1804.
VI.728.  Albert Josiah   "   b. Sept. 21, 1807.
VI.729.  Hiram Edwin     "   b. Nov. 30, 1809.
VI.730.  Collins Wadhams "   b. July 22, 1812.
VI.731.  Adeline Lucy    "   b. Dec. 20, 1815.


Alvira mar. June 3, 1835, Wills Ranney, of Lockport,N.Y. 3 children. Henry mar. in Orleans Co., N.Y., Lucy King, and d. in Quiney, Ill.

Three children res. Burton, Adams Co., Ill. Laura mar. Rev. David Shephard. She d. Sept. 15, 1821. Son David

Shephard, d. unmar. 1849, Brooklyn, N. Y. Albert Josiah, m. Sept. 22, 1832, Nancy Smith and d. Fort Atkinson, Wis., July 31, 1836. 5 children.