Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

"Deacon Maltby gave some account of the religious history of his family, and his solicitude in behalf of his children, alway bearing them on his heart to the throne of grace that they might early become Christians. This burden he could never throw off till the last child expressed a hope in Christ. And he has lived to see the glad hour when not only all his children, but all his sons and daughters-in-law, and all his grandchildren over 8 years, are pro- fessing Christians and living useful lives.

Three infant grandchildren were then consecrated to the Lord in baptisim. A brief sketch of the Maltby ancestors, who came to this country in the year 1726", and settled in Saybrook, Ohio, was read by a son, and a poem written for the occaision was read by a daughter.

Next followed the presentation of gifts, some of which were very rich and beautiful.

The anthem: "On Jordan's stormy banks I stand" was sung by the family, the father, the mother, all the children and sons and daugh- ters-in-law--with one exception, being singers.

The company partook of the good things provided for supper. Over the table, in letters of evergreen, were these motto's

                             Home Sweet Home
                             Father and Mother
The remainder of the evening was spent in singing and social converse.

Deacon Maltbie was born in the year, 1793 in Norfolk, Ct., re- moved to Homer, N.Y., where he married Esther G. Tappan, and soon after removed to what was then the Far West, in Ohio, where he has since labored faithfully, not only for his family, but for the church as well."

Note. The date "1818" and "married 50 years" gives us the date of his marriage as 1818.

*Of course the date "1726" for the emigrant ancestor is not correct. Daniel (2) Maltby died in 1731.

     Children of Daniel Maltby and Esther Tappan:
VI.823.  Amanda Maltby, b. July 19, 1820.
VI.824.  Benjamin  "    b. Jan. 26, 1822.
VI.825.  Hannah    "    b. July 18, 1823; d. 1864, Saybrook, Ohio,
VI.826.  Lauren    "    b. Mar. 15, 1825.
VI.827.  Cynthia Maria Maltby, b. Feb. 10, 1827.
VI.828.  Isaac           "     b. Sept. 20, 1828.
VI.829.  Harrison        "     b. April 7, 1830.
VI.830.  Mary            "     b. Feb. 11, 1832; d. Oct. 13, 1901,
                                 Springfield, Mo.
VI.831. (Caroline        "     b. July 1, 1834.
VI.832. (Catharine       "     b. July 1, 1834.
VI.833.  Esther Tapping  "     b. Apr. 30, 1836, unmarried.
VI.834.  Daniel          "     b. April 10, 1838.
VI.835.  Seth Waldo      "     b. May 19, 1840.
     Note. This makes 13 children, while the newspaper article states
he had "6 sons and 6 daughters"--my list as given by his children,
makes it seven daughters, but I think Caroline died young.