Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

V.323. DeGrasse Maltby, b. Sept. 14, 1782, bpt. Oct. 27, 1782 (Northford Rec.) (Benj.4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. Oct.11, 1807 (Bible Rec.) Sarah Smith, dau. of Capt. Caleb Smith and Sarah (Russell?) of East Haven. "Resides in the paternal mansion," wrote Rev. Jonathan (4) Maltby. "De Grasse died Feb. 15, 1872, aged 90." (Bible Rec.) "DeGrasse Maltby was one of trustees after 1842 ofStarkey Seminary, near Starkey, N.Y."(Vol. II, Hist. of Yates Co., N.Y., S.C. Cleveland. p.1107)

VI.873.  Caleb Smith Maltby, b. Aug. 10, 1811, Pittsburgh, Pa.
VI.874.  Janett Russell  "   b. Dec. 2, 1813.
VI.875.  Edward Russell  "   b. Nov. 21, 1816; d. ae. about 20.
                                                 (Ref. Ethel Copp).
VI.876.  Sarah Smith     "   b. Jan. 1, 1820.

V.324. Elizabeth Maltby, b. June 20, 1784 (Benj.4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Bpt. Aug. 8, 1784 (Northford Rec.); mar. May 6, 1820 (Bible Rec.) Judge Bennet Bronson, of Waterbury, Conn., b. June 14, 1775; d. Dec. 17, 1850. She was his second wife. She d. June 14, 1840 (Bible Rec.).

VI.877.  Rebecca Taintor Bronson, b. Feb. 10, 1822.
VI.878.  Susan             "      b. Jan. 19, 1824; d. "greatlylament-
                                       ed, June, 1840."

V.326. Julius Maltby, b. Jan. 5, 1788 (Benj.4, Benj.3, Dan.2, Wm.1). Mar. May 13, 1819 (Bible Rec. and "May 5, 1819, Northford Rec.) Melinda Fowler, dau. of Deacon Solomon Fowler, whose 2nd wife was Olive Douglas, dau. of Col. William Douglas. The Fowlers were of "White Hollow." Melinda was b. July 7, 1791, d. Sept. 4, 1868. Julius Maltby d. Oct. 14, 1872, aged 85. (Bible Rec.)

                  "Tradition" by Julius Maltby.

"Two brothers came to Stony Creek," (near Branford), "and from them all the Maltbies came.

One of them moved to Milford and the Stamford Maltbys all be- long to him, these who spell their name "bie," belong to him. There is a Rev. Maltbie in Syrcuse.

Mr. Gillett in his historical sermon mentions the seven pillars of Branford Church and Maltby is one. (William).

I know a Maltby who lived in Vermont.

Daniel and Benjamin are common names, also Samuel.

Two of our Maltbies, brothers of your Grandfather, moved to Paris, N.Y.

Uncle Jonathan (4) said there was a Maltby living in the house where widow Harrison lives, this side of Aunt Ruth's. Col. Lindly said I was mistaken. His name Samuel--rather a famous man.

Uncle Maltby afraid to pass there when a boy, as he was a very cross, severe old man.

The Daughters live near Barnsville Bridge. (Note, Rev. Jonathan (4) lived near Barnsville Bridge, I have been told). I think this is the old name for the bridge over Mill River. Ellsworth his house on right as you go to New Haven, the daughters next house on the left. Josiah Fowler married a Maltby and lived in White Hollow, her son Maltby Fowler." (Note. There are many errors in above--earlier