Maltby Genealogy

American Lineage

neigtbor $10. I thought him unable to do and I returned it. Also 10. from a friend in Mass. Several in Northford gave $10 each to me, one says he is going to give 20.

My family have been supplied with meat and vegetables up to this time, some left yet.

No one knows what it is to be burned out but those who have ex- perienced it. To retire at night in comfortable circumstances and be driven out into the snow at midnight as we were. In the morning not a stocking or a pair of shoes to put on, or a morsel of food to eat. Harvey had nothing to put on. My man was also in the same situation. I saved 1 pair of pants and 4 coats.

Through Infinite Goodness no life was lost. A Lady asked me if I was happy after I got through. I said after working an hour and a half barefooted in the sonow I went to the barn with frozen feet. I found my family safe. I knelt over my wife and daughters and kissed them again and again and said bless the Lord my dear family are all safe, yes, I was Happy. I thought nothing of my pecuniary loss. I do feel thankful to Him yet for His great good- ness.

I saw a gentleman from York State in New Haven a few days since, on learning my misfortune, asked me, "do your ---- help you?" at the same time took out his pocketbook and said you are a stranger to me, but I am living for another world. Friends in North Haven and Branford have taken a lively interest in my loss.

Will the Good Lord grant that you may never know by experience what it is thus to suffer. My wife has had a dry seated cough ever since the fire. The rest of us are all as well as can be expected under existing circumstances.

On the night of the fire I was up to nearly or quite 11 o'clock. No fire for more than an hour before I went to bed, put out the candle, left everything safe. In an hour from that time half the house was in solid flame.

                        Love by all to you, and dear Mother
                         As ever your affectionate Uncle.
                                     J. S. Linsley."

(Written to his niece

Elizabeth, dau. of his brother, James Harvey Linsley.

Her father had died several years before.

The "Harvey" referred to is his own son. Original

letter owned by Major Ray Keyes Linsley).

     Children of John Stephen Linsley and Eliza Ann Halsey:
VI.939.  Capt. James Halsey Linsley, b. Sept. 6, 1835; m. Kate Dean
VI.940.  John Stephen, Jr. M.D.  "   b. Jan. 19, 1838; m. Mary Walker
VI.941.  Hannah                  "   b. Nov. 23, 1839; d. unmar.
                                       Aug. 26, 1933.
VI.942.  Lieut. Benjamin Maltby  "   b. Nov. 2, 1841: d. unmar.
                                       May 9, 1864.
VI.943.  Rev. Harvey             "   b. Apr. 26, 1843, m. RachelKeyes.
VI.944.  Evelyn                  "   b. 1849; d. an infant.
VI.945.  Esther Ann              "   b. Dec. 3, 1850; m. George F.